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    We are located at HEZE city SHANDONG province, the well-known hometwon of peony, with long history of more than 30 years in manufacturing playing cards, the specialized playing cards printing enterprises in north China, our products have been well exported to 24 countries and regions.

Our company has been engaged in playing cards manufacture for tens years, having outstanding advantages in the design, producing of playing cards by our rich experience, fashionalbe design, advance equipment, top management creat the best products, won the much trust of our customers; our products cover commercial playing cards, advertising playing cards, gift playing cards, collection playing cards and exporting playing cards.

We have made playin cards for government office, publishing house, business store, mine mill and other enterprises in different style, such as Haier, Hisense, Meidi, Xinfei, Lifan, Dayang, Qingqi, Yiqi, Hongxibao, Hongqiqu, Baixiang, Shuanghui, Kongfujia, Xi'yang, Luxifuhefei, Nongyao, O'yizhiyao, Crude oil, banks, Insurance company, Qiu county count, China tax etc..

In cooperation with BeiJing printing college, the BeiJing printing branch, BeiJing Pioneer Printing Mill CO., LTD., was established in march, 2001, business focus on high grade brochure, enterprise pictures, post cards etc..

business area:

Playing cards branch: main products are normal bridge, large size playing cards, abnormal playing cards, strip type playing cards, they are exported to USA, Europe, middile east, affrica and south east countrie.
Packing mill: main products are playing cards, high grade carton box, gift bag, package for exporting food, brochure, couplet, installation, adjustment, trainning and maintenance of imported printing machines are also accepted.
BeiJing branch: main business are high grade brochures, enterprise pictures, building books, poster, periodicals etc..

Warmly welcome customers from China and oversea for busiess cooperation

Contacting person:
Add:No.46 Renmin Road Heze Shandong Province
Feima Industry Zone, Chaoyang District, Beijing City

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